Commits on Sep 21, 2012
  1. - php-concrete-

    taca committed Sep 21, 2012
  2. Update optipng to 0.7.3, security fix for SA50654 (CVE-2012-4432).

    Version 0.7.3   16-sep-2012
    !! Fixed a use-after-free vulnerability in the palette reduction code.
       This vulnerability was accidentally introduced in version 0.7.
    taca committed Sep 21, 2012
Commits on Sep 20, 2012
  1. Updated www/php-concrete5 to

    ryoon committed Sep 20, 2012
  2. Update to

    * Fix security bug
    Tar ball is not shipped with changelog... Version History
    Behavioral Improvements
        Page Type names are sanitized better when created in the dashboard.
        Multilingual controls in dashboard now display languages in their native language (for easier understanding. thanks patrickheck)
        Better display when removing groups or users and having them show up in advanced permissions list.
        Fixing bug where composer pages weren't being added to the bottom of the list. Fixing bug where moved pages weren't getting a rescanned display order
        Fixing missing dashboard icons for Stacks and Block Types
    Bug Fixes
        Fixed inability to use Layout Presets
        Fixed bug where blocks couldn��t be copied out to child pages from page type defaults on upgraded sites.
        Fixed form block bug where you��d be unable to enter an email address in the form block for notification.
        Blocks and packages can now insert header items into the 404 page correctly.
        Fixed ��Out of range value for column 'uLastIP�� error that would occur with certain IP addresses.
        Bulk SEO Tool now shows DIR_REL constant within the URL slug properly.
        Group sets now appear on the dashboard home page.
        Fixed JavaScript error leading to aborted installation when installation routines have apostrophes in them (primarily for translated versions of concrete5.)
        Theme assets no longer have two slashes in the URLs.
        Fixed: by hiding permissions options on the frontend (use the stacks interface instead.)
        Date Navigation block now honors the Pretty URLs settings.
        Fixed: page_types/ directory was incorrectly excluded from overrides detection.
        fixing 'Call to a member function getProxyBlock() on a non-object in /core/libraries/block_view.php on line 39' when calling an action URL on a non-object block
    Developer Updates
        Validation helpers didn��t extend the core helpers properly. This has been fixed.
        Clear override cache on adding a single page.
        Refreshing overrides cache when installing a block type (fixes Designer Content add-on not working with the overrides cache turned on).
    5.6.0 Release Notes
    Feature Updates
        Completely updated permissions system, including:
            More granular permission control that maps directly to common concrete5 tasks.
            Ability to control which users or groups CAN��T do something, as opposed to only allow those who CAN do something.
            Ability to grant a permission to only those users in a particular combination of groups.
            Ability to control which users and groups can add which types of block site-wide and in simple permissions mode.
            Restrict permissions to various roles, including ��uploader of the file��, ��page owner��, etc...
            Shortcut for enabling guest view access on blocks.
            Group Sets can group groups together for organizational purposes, permissions.
            Fine-grained, granular controls on content types, permission types.
            New user permissions to control who can edit which users, assign which groups, etc...
        Complete new extendable workflow system, including basic workflow and waiting for me. Improved, normalized and rewrote a lot of old code for things like pending page actions to bring them into the workflow system.
        Improved interface work, including bootstrap 2 integration.
        Improved Mobile Support
            Mobile theme switcher now integrated into core
            Improved mobile performance of header on mobile devices.
            Improved dashboard on mobile devices; fully responsive dashboard across all devices.
        You can now choose an individual block or an entire stack when adding a stack on the front-end.
        Added bulk actions to the user search
        New SEO Manager in Dashboard > System & Settings gives you one place to modify SEO properties for your entire site.
        Made page theme a versionable property.
        Make page type a versionable property.
        Ability to reorder block types globally (thanks jordanlev!)
        You can now copy and paste a stack on the front-end.
        Page URL Slugs now use the URLify library instead of our own solution (which wasn��t as consistent or effective.)
    Additional Features and Behavioral Improvements
        When implicitly checking pages out (editing properties in sitemap, etc...) they will be checked back in when the dialog is closed. (New in 5.6.0b2)
        Added an Add Group button to Groups page.
        Rich text editor in dashboard now uses site theme for styles.
        Color picker UI more consistent with 5.5 (thanks arcanepain.)
        Add new page window no longer cut off on small monitors.
        Search Block - Added page selector when posting search results to another page.
        Form Block
            added date and date time field types that allow a user to use a date/time picker to choose values.
            Email field now has ability to be set as the default reply-to so administrators can reply directly to the form submitter.
            No more jumpiness on editing.
        Added theme to Page Search.
        Removed HTML diff python library (since it didn��t work very well). Replaced with tab-based compare that lets you compare more than two versions.
        Off-server requests can now be made with a proxy server, found in System & Settings (thanks garagan!)
        Added copy to the version dialog box. Improved version dialog box appearance.
        Improved quick nav experience, reworked dashboard dropdown to use favorites for adding. Favorites show up in the dashboard dropdown.
        You can now select Gravatar as a fallback user avatar (thanks danklassen!) in the profiles section of the dashboard.
        Add page can happen with submit.
        More consistent sitemap/search overlay, with various searches only loaded when needed. Tabs remember last selected sitemap/search option.
        Miscellaneous string translation and Internationalization improvements (thanks thuic)
        Added getSearchableContent method to rss viewer block so it��s content will show up in search results (thanks 12345j)
        Built-in countries and state/provinces helpers now use Zend_Locale for easier management, more consistency and localization.
        Added URL Slug in Composer.
        Maintenance mode now lets you perform some sitemap and page operations while the site is down.
        Zend_Translate can now be stored at a different path to fix Zend_Translate bug with period in directory. Added TRANSLATE_OPTIONS that can be specified in config/site.php (thanks ahukkanen).
        Added user to the Log entries screen (thanks klompie!)
        Internationalization improvement: Zend_Date now included. Dates are now localized into the proper language (thanks patrickheck.). DateHelper::date() manages localization.
        Block limits set in templates are now updated in realtime without a page refresh (thanks bhcarpenter)
        Now you can clear your page search index from the ��Search Index�� page in the dashboard (which will let you fully reindex it through the reindex pages job.)
        Form block: Adding the ability to set an email address as the reply-to address when replying to the email (thanks danklassen.)
        Blog RSS feed now includes categories (thanks stonier)
        Complete rewrite of sitemap.xml generation job to improve performance, no longer show deleted pages, add new constants for sitemap starting point, default change frequency and priority (thanks mlocati.)
        Nicer alignment on Next/Previous block (thanks thirdender.)
        Using realpath() instead of ../ to fix some base_dir errors, make things nicer.
        More consistent ordering of log entries when they happen in rapid succession (thanks Johnthefish).
        Cleaned up javascript in the google map block (thanks Remo).
        Edit in Composer now available in page search.
        Installing in a particular language no longer sets that language as the default in config/site.php (which would render no other languages selectable.)
        Added cookie check to installation preflight.
        Added last IP to user detail screen in dashboard.
        Forbidden shows up if user can��t view a page but is logged in (thanks mnkras).
    Performance Improvements
        Added environment library to cache overrides for better performance. Overrides cache setting now available from the Cache System and Settings page.
        New autod support for better performance with on-demand class loading.
        Removing nivo slider from the core for better compatibility with third party sliders and smaller file sizes; removing cropzoom from for smaller file sizes.
        Rewrote portions  used with large blogs (New in 5.6b2)
    Additional Bug Fixes
        Additional pagination now works in large sitemaps from the front-end (New in 5.6.0b2)
        Flat view pagination looks nicer (New in 5.6.0b2)
        On some hosts, manual checking for concrete5 f were being added to the file manager.
        Improved reliability when using composer with advanced permissions.* Bug Fix: events sort by priority (thanks arcanepain)
        Fixed replace field in Firefox (width)
        Tags and select options will only show usag-2-1/automatically-inclusion-of-additional-page-path-when-updating-ca/
        data urls should work as background images in customizable stylesheets.
        Fixed: (New in 5.6.0b2)
        Fixing potential SQL vulnerability in Autonav Preview pane.
        Fixed: (thanks arcanepain)
        Checking for invalid cookie length when starting a session.
        RSS Displayer block now only cached for one hour. (Fixed in 5.6.0b2)
        Fixed bug where editing an initial version of a page wouldn��t create a new version of the page, until the second edit.
        Fixed: (thanks remo)
        Fixed bug checking for captcha options form in the wrong place.
        Fixed bug where custom style elements on blocks in stacks wouldn��t show up in page (thanks acliss19xx)
        Minor XSS fixes in edit mode.
        Fixed bug in FileList (which would show up in Slideshow blocks or anywhere that would filter by set) where selecting a file set and then deleting it would cause a SQL error (thanks remo)
        Included updated SWFUpload to fix XSS issue.
        Fixed bug where file set display order would appear random if files were in multiple sets.
        Fix bug where defining LOCALE in config/site.php and then trying to save multilingual settings could override the default locale with a null locale.
        Fixed potential SQL problems when an admin tried to pass nefarious parameters through to the file manager, page search, or metadata/version editing.
        No longer will you get the ��checking for updates�� spinner infinitely when in maintenance mode.
        Forms/External Forms/Other Items that have been copied and pasted into another page will now work from that page.
        Forms can now be edited properly when pasted from a clipboard.
        More reliable permissions checking on dashboard dropdown for news, add functionality and system & settings (thanks arcanepain)
        Progress status during installation should now be displayed in proper language.
        Fixed pagination in blog index thumbnail (page list custom template.)
        FIXED: If images or files were used in content block instances in content importer an error would be thrown.
        Environment info no longer incorrectly reports all max_execution_time settings at 5.
        replaced m/d/y with DATE_APP_GENERIC_MDY to jquery date pickers in date time helper (thx melat0nin)
        Security Fix: Closed Redirect Loophole on Form block
        Attempting to resolve this:
        Proper 404 headers should be sent when browsing to a method that doesn��t exist under a single page.
        Fixed some bugs and finicky behavior with search paging in file manager, page search, other search.
        When editing page properties while checking out a page, approval fields will now be shown post update (rather than forcing you to refresh the page or exit edit mode and then approve the page.)
        Fixed bug in block move() method that would copy all blocks from an area... (thanks herent)
        Fixed: (New in 5.6.0b2)
        Fixed: Copy to clipboard from editable area then pasting to global area causes fatal error (New in 5.6.0b2)
        Fixed: (New in 5.6.0b2)
    Developer Updates
        You can now pass an optional third parameter to the css() and javascript() functions which will be checked for uniqueness. This array contains ��handle�� and ��version�� and can be used to force only the right libraries loading at the right time (thanks jordanlev).
        Added support for BASE_URL_SSL constant.
        If a __call method is present in a controller, it will be used for any tasks that don��t exist (thanks remo).
        Packaged themes can now be overridden in the root themes directory. This is true for included elements (using inc()) and page types/single pages.
        You can now add elements/dashboard/install_post.php to your package and it will be displayed in a dialog post install.
        Updated auto-nav templates to be much nicer to edit.
        Moved jQuery.Cookie library into
        Including t2() function for plural localization/translation (thanks mlocati.)
        New Events
            on_block_load (New in 5.6b2)
        Better block validation error messages on installation (thanks jordanlev)
        Updated simplepie RSS and ATOM parsing library to 1.3 (thanks ahukkanen)
        Added closures support to events for PHP 5.3 and greater (just specify an anonymous function.
    ryoon committed Sep 20, 2012
  3. Disable MMX section on Solaris which has compiler issues, and ensure is not empty by using the dummy object.
    Fixes package on Solaris.
    jperkin committed Sep 20, 2012
  4. Fix patch file, it was being ignored.

    jperkin committed Sep 20, 2012
  5. add and enable p5-biblatex-biber

    jnemeth committed Sep 20, 2012
  6. Updated textproc/py-docutils to 0.9

    darcy committed Sep 20, 2012
  7. Update to version 0.9

    Closes PR 46573
    darcy committed Sep 20, 2012
  8. libboost_locale is accounted for in the OPSYS-specific PLIST files,

    remove it from the generic one.
    Fixes package on Solaris.
    jperkin committed Sep 20, 2012
  9. commit 4e4c87e3: Fix 64bit integer convertion from GValue

    (In the vain hope that it might fix
    prlw1 committed Sep 20, 2012
  10. Use gzcat rather than pax -z.

    jperkin committed Sep 20, 2012
  11. Fix Solaris 32-bit build.

    jperkin committed Sep 20, 2012
  12. Workaround for PR 46978:

    g++-4.5.3 and 4.5.4 on NetBSD/i386 fails with an internal compiler error
    when building gui/painting/qdrawhelper_mmx.cpp.
    apb committed Sep 20, 2012
Commits on Sep 19, 2012
  1. Add evolution option, defaulting on.

    This package lacked an evolution option (to depend on
    evolution-data-server).  Other gnome packages had such an option,
    which is highly useful to get back to a workin system in the scenario
    where libffi has a new major version shlib, and evolution-data-server
    won't build.  Because the option defaults to on, this doesn't change
    the default behavior, but those who set
    PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS+=-evolution can be spared the build pain.
    A decision about whether evolution support should be on by default or
    not is pending; this change is not controversial and is being made now.
    gdt committed Sep 19, 2012
  2. + automake-1.12.4, bacula-5.2.12, clamav-0.97.6, gwaei-3.6.0,

      lcms2-2.4, less-451, libnice-0.1.3, mame-0.147, mess-0.147,
      py-libxml2-2.9.0, py-mpd-0.3.0, wine-devel-1.5.13 [wait until
      NetBSD gains OSS 4 or bring OSS 3 support back], x264-devel-20120915,
    wiz committed Sep 19, 2012
  3. + dovecot2-2.1.10, dovecot2-pigeonhole-0.3.3, postgresql92-9.2.0,

    taca committed Sep 19, 2012
  4. Updated misc/calibre to 0.8.69

    ryoon committed Sep 19, 2012
  5. Update to 0.8.69

    * Depend on qt4-qdbus
    * Fix build on NetBSD at least
    * Many improvements
    * Many bugfixes
    In detail, see
    E-book viewer: Support the display of mathematics in e-books. Supports both embedded TeX and MathML [0.8.66]
    The calibre ebook viewer can now display embedded mathematics (symbols, equations, fractions, matrices, etc.) in EPUB and HTML ebooks. For details, see: [External link]
    A new wireless device driver. This allows connecting wirelessly to a device running a 'smart' calibre client [0.8.65]
    The wireless connection functions just as if the device was plugged into the computer by USB cable. Currently, Android devices are supported. See [External link]
    E-book viewer: Add a paged mode that splits up the text into pages, like in a paper book instead of presenting it as a single column. To activate click the button with the yellow scroll icon in the top right corner. [0.8.61]
    In paged mode, the ebook viewer no longer cuts off the last line of text at the bottom of the screen, and it respects CSS page-break directives. You can also set page margins and control the number of pages displayed on screen by clicking the Preferences button in the viewer and going to 'Text layout in paged mode'.
    When searching, allow use of un-accented characters to match accented characters in all fields and all languages (not just authors and English as before) [0.8.60]
    The rules for matching un-accented characters are done in a language dependent way. So if your calibre interface language is set to English, n will match both n and ��, but if it is set to Spanish, it will match only n, as in Spanish �� is a separate alphabet in Spanish. This makes searching a little slower, so if you have a very large library you can turn it off via Preferences->Searching.
    PDF Output: Full pagination support. No more cutoff bottom line. [0.8.57]
    Fixes a long standing bug in calibre's PDF Output that caused the bottom line of some pages to be partially cut off and prevented top and bottom margins from working.
    Make the new calibre style default on Windows and OS X. [0.8.56]
    This change gives a more 'modern' feel to the calibre user interface with focus highlighting, gradients, rounded corners, etc. In case you prefer the old look, you can restore under Preferences->Look & Feel->User interface style
    E-book viewer: The Table of contents panel now tracks the current position in the book. As you scroll through the book, the entry you are currently on is highlighted. [0.8.54]
    To see this feature in action, open the Table of Contents panel in the viewer by clicking the button with three blue lines on it. As you page through the book, the chapter you are reading currently is highlighted in the Table of Contents Panel. Obviously, this will only work if the book you are reading has a Table of Contents. You can also use the Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDn keys to quickly skip between chapters.
    ryoon committed Sep 19, 2012
  6. regen

    wiz committed Sep 19, 2012
  7. Describe what to do with Makefile.PL.

    From Silas Silva in PR 46981.
    wiz committed Sep 19, 2012
  8. Updated devel/jenkins to 1.466.2

    ryoon committed Sep 19, 2012
  9. Update to 1.466.2

    * Fix two security bugs
    Changes in 1.466.2 is unavailable.
    What's new in 1.466.1 (2012/07/23)
        A current active build in the build history is lost if the job configuration XML uploaded (issue 12318)
        UnprotectedRootAction doesn't work for /github-webhook/ (issue 14113)
        ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED returned on testResults and console output after Jenkins reload (issue 13625)
        Cannot parse coverage results Premature end of file. (issue 11251)
    ryoon committed Sep 19, 2012
Commits on Sep 18, 2012
  1. Pull in libiconv. Fixes build on Solaris.

    jperkin committed Sep 18, 2012
  2. USE_TOOLS+=bash, required for REPLACE_BASH. texi2dvi was being created

    with an empty hashbang.
    jperkin committed Sep 18, 2012
  3. Updated mail/thunderbird10-l10n to 10.0.7

    ryoon committed Sep 18, 2012
  4. Update to 10.0.7

    Sync with mail/thunderbird10
    ryoon committed Sep 18, 2012
  5. Updated mail/thunderbird10 to 10.0.7

    ryoon committed Sep 18, 2012
  6. Update to 10.0.7

    FIXED Security fixes can be found here
    Fixed in Thunderbird ESR 10.0.7
    MFSA 2012-72 Web console eval capable of executing chrome-privileged code
    MFSA 2012-70 Location object security checks bypassed by chrome code
    MFSA 2012-67 Installer will launch incorrect executable following new installation
    MFSA 2012-65 Out-of-bounds read in format-number in XSLT
    MFSA 2012-63 SVG buffer overflow and use-after-free issues
    MFSA 2012-62 WebGL use-after-free and memory corruption
    MFSA 2012-61 Memory corruption with bitmap format images with negative height
    MFSA 2012-58 Use-after-free issues found using Address Sanitizer
    MFSA 2012-57 Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv:15.0/ rv:10.0.7)
    ryoon committed Sep 18, 2012