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eekboard - an easy to use virtual keyboard toolkit -*- outline -*-
eekboard is a virtual keyboard software package, including a set of
tools to implement desktop virtual keyboards.
* Building
** Dependencies
REQUIRED: GLib2, GTK, PangoCairo, libxklavier, libcroco
OPTIONAL: libXtst, at-spi2-core, IBus, Clutter, Clutter-Gtk, Python, Vala, gobject-introspection, libcanberra
** Build from git repo
$ git clone git://
$ cd eekboard
$ ./ --prefix=/usr --enable-gtk-doc
$ make
$ sudo make install
** Build from tarball
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr
$ make
$ sudo make install
* Running
$ eekboard
$ eekboard -f # show/hide automatically based on focus-in/focus-out events
Even though eekboard -f watches a11y events by default, it currently
works better with IBus. To use IBus, do:
$ gsettings set org.fedorahosted.eekboard focus-listener 'ibus'
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