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ibus-skk -- a Japanese SKK input engine for IBus
* What's it?
ibus-skk is an implementation of the SKK (Simple Kana-Kanji) input
method on the IBus input method framework. Since SKK is quite
different from other Japanese input methods, if you haven't heard of
it, please consult the following Web pages before complaining about
the differences:
* How to install
$ sudo apt-get install libibus-dev skkdic
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr # --libdir=/usr/lib64
$ make
$ sudo make install
* Configuration
There is a GUI setup tool to customize ibus-skk. It can be started
from the command line by "ibus-setup-m17n", or from the language
For complex settings, such as romaji-to-kana conversion table, you can
use configuration file located at ~/.config/ibus-skk.json. Use
ibus-skk.json.example as a template.
* Thumb shift keyboard support
Since the version 1.3.4, ibus-skk supports thumb shift typing method
(aka NICOLA). Currently the keymap is fixed and cannot be changed:
Left Shift is assigned to Muhenkan and Right Shift is assigned to
See the following blog entry for detail:
* How to report bugs
Use the issue trackers on either GitHub, Red Hat Bugzilla, or Debian BTS:;dist=unstable
Even though some developers read Japanese, please write in plain
English so that we can forward it to other components when your
problem is not specific to ibus-skk.
If you can write Python, it would be helpful to add some failure test
cases in engine/ and to attach the diff to the bug reports.
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