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SubjuGator 8 Wiki

Welcome to the Sub8 Wiki! Check out the "getting started" on this wiki, to get started with Sub8, and look at the uf-mil/installer repository for guides to installing ROS and all of the MIL vehicle dependencies.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email David.

Software Team

  • Ralph Leyva

  • David Soto

  • Jacob Panikulam

  • Tess Bianchi

  • Matthew Langford

  • Jason Nezvadovitz

  • Anthony Olive

  • Kevin Allen

  • Daniel Volya

  • Israelle Peroszcki

  • RIP Little Man and Darla

    Darla (left) & Little Man (right)

Helpful Hints

Getting Involved

Interested in working on the Sub? Schedule a one-on-one meeting with David (David Soto), or just come by the lab and talk to people. Find his contact information floating around in the repository.