Importing items from command line

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bin/dspace import -a -e USER_EMAIL -c COLLECTION_HANDLE -s /tmp/import -m /tmp/mapfile
  • /tmp/mapfile is an output file that'll be created
  • /tmp/import is a directory with structure described below

Directory structure

At the moment this is pure Simple Archive Format. Create the structure by hand or explore this tool

$ ls -R /tmp/import/

contents         license.txt  metadata_local.xml
dublin_core.xml  Makefile     moses.ini

The format for dublin_core.xml and other schemas is the same, only difference is in the file name. For any other schema then dc you create metadata_SCHEMA.xml file. So if you are filling in the "local" SCHEMA you create metadata_local.xml.

head dublin_core.xml
   <dcvalue element="date" qualifier="issued">2014-11</dcvalue>
   <dcvalue element="language" qualifier="iso">eng</dcvalue>
   <dcvalue element="language">English</dcvalue>
head metadata_local.xml 
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>
<dublin_core schema="local">
  <dcvalue element="has" qualifier="files" language="*">yes</dcvalue>
  <dcvalue element="branding" qualifier="none" language="">LRT&#x20;+&#x20;Open&#x20;Submissions</dcvalue>

Required metadata

  • for licensing to work put dc.rights.uri, dc.rights and dc.rights.label in your dublin_core.xml
    • these should match license uri, license name and license label of a defined license
  • you'll want dc.title and dc.type
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