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New Version Guide

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Q: I have created a new version of my dataset/tool. Do I need to create a new submission in the repository from the ground up for it?
A: Not at all. You should make a new version as a clone of the existing record. That will not only spare you the work of filling everything that is the same, but it will also link the records with relations dc.relation.replaces and dc.relation.isreplacedby respectively, which we use to visualise the information about new/old versions of the dataset or tool in the repository.

  1. Log in and go to your existing Submissions. You can only create a new version from your previous submission, not from somebody else's.

  1. Scroll down to Archived Submissions, tick the select box of the record you want to create a new version of, and select "Add new version".

  1. This creates a cloned record for you, just as if you created a new submission, filled everything in and saved it. Click "Resume".

Now you are in the submission workflow. Modify the metadata you want changed (e.g. title), add the bitstreams of this new version and finish the submission as usual.

Technical details

AddNewVersionAction is responsible for copying the metadata to the new version, it should clean those that are version specific (dates, provenance, replaces/replacedby relations), it adds a note for the review saying this is a version of a previously submitted item and it adds replaces field #503.

When item is approved to be entered InstallItem adds automatically generated metadata. If the installed item has dc.relation.replaces field, if this field points to an item in the repository and if this replaced item does not already contain replaced by field, the installed item's handle is added as replaced by. If the replaced item already has a replaced by field this is left intact and a warning is logged.

Only a submitter can add new versions of "his" items. Administrators/editors can modify replaces/replaced by in extra metadata step or in edit item