Prerequisites checklist

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This page contains commands to verify installed versions of prerequired software (versions list). Hints to what needs to be accessible if there is no sudo/root account available while installing


ant -version


The software uses two databases and connects as specified user through localhost with password. Rights to restart the server are necessary; usually the max_conn_limit is set different from defaults


run as user postgres, e.g.:

sudo -u postgres psql -c 'select version()'

creating dbs


  • allow the access to the postgres superuser
  • give createdb rights to (dspace) db user
  • create the dbs manually and grant rights to the (dspace) db user (see the create_databases target)

Test connection via ip

psql --password --username=dspace -h -c '\d' dspace

dspace is both the dbname and the username


javac -version


You'll need an access to tomcat configs (server.xml and the like), the ability to restart tomcat. Verify that tomcat is running fine, configure HttpConnector (you can use ajp later on) and deploy for example probe. That's the first thing to check before even connecting tomcat with frontfacing (proxy) webserver.

Tweaks to the init scripts and/or default variables are necessary - giving the tomcat jvm more memory (in JAVA_OPTS or CATALINA_OPTS depending on the init script). The amount depends on the data stored and on load (6G usually enough)


java -cp $(locate catalina.jar | head -n1) org.apache.catalina.util.ServerInfo


mvn -version

Other tools

for cmd in make wget xmllint xsltproc unzip; do which $cmd > /dev/null || echo "Please install $cmd"; done


With either apache or nginx you'll need to be able to make changes to the configuration (e.g. to create specific rewrite rules).

With either you'll need several modules enabled (with nginx this means recompiling). We've seen better performance with nginx, but apache is easier to set up (at least on ubuntu system) as you usully don't need to compile shibboleth yourself.

You'll need

  • ssl
  • shibboleth-sp (if you need federated auth, you need this if you are aming for CLARIN center)
    • with nginx you'll be building it from sources along with nginx modules
    • with apache you might avoid that if there is mod-shib2 available for your distribution
    • in either case you need to configure it. Ideally becoming a member of your national federation. As a minimum configure it to use the dummy/test idp at
  • optionaly ajp module to connect the tomcat installation


To determine the version of nginx and to determine what parameters and modules were used during compilation. Run:

nginx -V


Prepare smtp name/ip[, username, password]

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