Upgrade From Lindat Repository

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How to migrate

  1. backup your databases
  2. move local.conf directly to source directory to local.properties, diff and update it to the new local.conf version in utilities/project_helpers/config/local.conf.dist
  3. starting/stopping is handled by {start,stop}_stack_example.sh which can be changed by renaming than to {start,stop}_stack.sh
  4. stop tomcat (if using the same version)
  5. deploy
  6. check your database version by running dspace command
sudo -u tomcat6 [dspace]/bin/dspace database info

with the following result

Your database looks to be compatible with DSpace version
All upgrades *after* version will be run during the next migration.

7 . upgrade

sudo -u tomcat6 [dspace]/bin/dspace database migrate
psql -p 5433 [name of utilities table] < [source]/utilities/utilities.upgrade.from.1.8.2.sql

8 . Upgrade statistics

sudo -u tomcat6 [dspace]/bin/dspace solr-reindex-statistics
sudo -u tomcat6 [dspace]/bin/dspace stats-util -b -r

9 . remove old bi* tables See https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSDOC5x/Upgrading+DSpace.

10 . copy logs to new installation/log directory

11 . update cronjobs

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