WebLicht Webservice Registration through repository

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WebLicht Webservice Registration

###Repository Prerequisites

###Prerequisites before submitting a new service to repository

  • working service
  • pre-reserve a handle for the submission (not strictly necessary, see below)
    • guess what the handle of your submission will be
    • or register one through handle management
    • or enable the reserve PID in a submission feature (introduced in #414)
  • CMDI file + WSDL files (publicly available) describing the service
    • Easily create the CMDI file by cloning a CMDI of an existing service in Comet
    • write any fake URL in the WSDL field, it is not being used any more
    • the CMDI file should have a .cmdi suffix
    • put the pre-reserved handle into the CMDI file

###Submitting a new service to repository as admin

  • start new submission, choose community & collection prepared in prerequisites
  • In "Basic step" of submission check hidden from search & check that a cmdi file will be uploaded Edit handle
    • these fields are in the default input-forms.xml as local.hasMetadata and local.hidden
  • in the upload step upload the CMDI file. The file should have .cmdi suffix, it won't show in the list of files.
  • publish the record and check that it gets published in the OAI set of the Weblicht services and harvested by Weblicht

###If you don't pre-reserve a handle for the submission You might not have a handle before you create the submission. In this case, you can adapt the steps above like this:

  • put a fake temporary handle in the CMDI file
  • after creating the submission, edit the CMDI file, putting in the new handle
  • delete and reupload the new CMDI file (under "Edit item" -> "Item bitstreams"); make sure you select the "Metadata files" bundle in the upload form.
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