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Version 1.2.1-devel
- Get rid of UndefinedBehaviourSanitizer and AddressSanitizer findings.
- Add segment_size and learning_rate_final parameters to tokenizer training.
Version 1.2.0 [01 Aug 17]
- On-demand loading of models in REST server, with a pool
of least recently used models.
- Make GRU tokenizer dimension configurable (16, 24, 64 supported).
- Track paragraph boundaries even under normalized_spaces.
- Support experimental sentence segmentation using
jointly both the tokenizer and the parser.
- Add EPE output format.
- Make default model in REST server explicit.
- Support pre-filling according to URL params in the webapp.
Version 1.1.0 [29 Mar 17]
- Morphodita_parsito models (now version 3) require at least
UDPipe version 1.1.0.
- CoNLL-U v2 format is supported. Notably spaces in forms
and lemmas are now allowed, as are empty nodes.
- Support options for input_format and output_format instances.
- Preserve all spacing when tokenizing.
- Optionally generate document-level token ranges in the original text.
- Optionally respect given segmentation during tokenization.
- Tokenizer can be trained to allow spaces in tokens
(default if there are forms with spaces in the training data).
- Parser can be trained to return always one root per sentence (default).
- Improve input_format API to allow inter-block state (for correct
tracking of inter-sentence spaces and document-level offsets).
- Improve output_format API to support begin/end document marks
and to allow state in the output_format instance (to allow
numbering output sentences, for example).
Version 1.0.0 [27 May 16]
- Initial public release.
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