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Orange & Blue issue for Spring 2014 -- Energy
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burlesque photos
Copy Editing

Orange & Blue issue for Spring 2014

This is how we edit

This is how we insert assets into our articles

Asset types

  • photo
  • slideshow gallery (multiple photos)
  • grid gallery (multiple photos)
  • video
  • audio
  • pull quote
  • generic embed (we can use this for maps or to write our own widgets if we want; coffee team needs these for panoramas)

Asset alginments

  • full (100% of the browser width; best used for cover imagery at the beginning of a section)
  • column (same as width of paragraph text; approximately 900px wide on a desktop)
  • column-right (half-width of paragraph text and floated right; approxiamtely 450px wide)
  • column-left
  • breaking-right (half with of paragraph plus extra width to bust into the margins; approximately 550px wide)
  • breaking-left




  • Devon Abelman (print)
  • Adam Pincus (digital)

Executive Editor

  • Viana Bhagan
  • James Thieke

Art Directors

  • Bakr Muhammad (print)
  • Yaissy Solis (digital)

Creative Director

  • Sarah Brand (digital)
  • Emilie Shinskie (print)

Social Media Editor

  • Maria Galindo

Copy Editors

  • Brittany Bokzam
  • Amber Dawson
  • Katina Prokos
  • Mary Reyes
  • Deanna Shahnami
  • Natanya Spies
  • Katherine Hahn


  • Bethany Curl
  • Sarah Davis
  • Maria Galindo
  • Adam Lichtenstein
  • Alexa Volland




  • Design: Maria Galindo
  • Editing: Alexa Volland
  • Writing: Adam Lichtenstein


  • Design: Adam Pincus
  • Editing: James Thieke
  • Writing: Katherine Hahn and Emilie Shinskie


  • Design: Bakr Muhammad
  • Editing: Vianna Bhagen
  • Writing: Deanna Shahnami and James Thieke


  • Design: Yaisee Solis
  • Editing: Deanna Shahnami
  • Writing: Katina Prokos and Brittany Bozkam

Off the grid

  • Design: Bakr Muhammad
  • Editing: Mary Reyes
  • Writing: Adam Pincus


  • Design: Sarah Brand
  • Editing: Amber Dawson
  • Writing: Sarah Davis and Devon Abelman
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