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Welcome to the VaRest wiki!

Installation notes

Download the binaries from latest release and extract them to your project's home directory. Don't miss to turn on the plugin.

Check the Plugin Installation article to get detailed description how to install the plugin (it's a common plugin setup steps).

Supported plarforms

Plugin was tested and proved to work on following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac (OSX)
  • Linux
  • HTML5
  • iOS
  • Android

How To Use

To get the key ideas and usage examples check the Plugin Usage article.

Additional notes

Currently plugin supports almost all Engine built-in Json features. If you found that you can't handle some Json - write me, and I'll take a look what can I do to improve the plugin.

Attn.! In case of arrays "value return" is used to return the function result.

Self-signed certificates and http on Android

There are few ways to enable connection to servers with untrusted certificates (that is blocked by default):

  1. Apply in your project code: FCurlHttpManager::CurlRequestOptions.bVerifyPeer = false;
  2. In the Project Settings dialog, look in the Engine - Network section for Libcurl Verify Peer checkbox. Try turning it off and see if it works.

Non-trusted connections (http) on iOS

Thanks to Joe Conley with this how-to.

It's not the easiest to use interface, but in the Project Settings' iOS section, there is a section for "Additonal Plist Data", and one of the things you can add there are "NSExceptionDomains" which allow you to specify which sites you want to allow insecure (non-Https) connections to on iOS. You have to add it in the XML plist format, and the editing experience is not great, but it's possible.

I think probably that field should at least have a multi-line text entry box to make it a less difficult experience, but at least it should be possible. In total, it should look like this:


Another way is described by @saccomat at issue #63:

I had to put this string in the "additional plist data" inside projects settings / ios/ to let it work NSAppTransportSecurityNSAllowsArbitraryLoads\n

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