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UFO:Alien Invasion
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Latest commit c6fa66a ShipIt * added missing entry in LICENSES
Failed to load latest commit information.
android-project * Removed trailing white spaces.
base * Re-add exit button.
build * ui lua integration: update ufox lua library
cmake * added cmake macros to replace all the code duplication in the Find*…
contrib * README =>
debian * Fixed dependencies in debian/control for newer deb-based distributi…
eclipse * [eclipse] add implant property to objDef_t parsing
mods/android * whitespaces
radiant * Prefabs - updated cars/
src * CountSpawnpoints test - allow some additional console output.
unittest * Add lua based confuncs to iherited confunc test unit.
.gitattributes * added gitattributes files to ignore some stuff when doing the git a…
.gitignore * updated gitignore for cmake
.travis.yml * Should fix the travis build.
CMakeLists.txt * Added new file to CMakeLists.txt.
COPYING * Remove trailing whitespace.
LICENSES * added missing entry in LICENSES
Makefile * updated rc files from pull request #22 * README =>
TODO * updated won/lost screens
appveyor.yml * Downgrade appveyor cmake to see if build works.
config.h * Add the openpandora target to config.h.
configure * Removed not working configure flag from configure help.
ufo.cbp * updated codeblocks project file

Build Status Build status

Please see the wiki for more information on how to compile the game and the gamedata

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