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Welcome to the UFO: Alien Invasion multiplayer lobby.
If you are searching for players, make sure to stay connected.
NOT everyone you see in the user list is a player!
Look for users who announce themselves with the game client.
- Spam.
- Use strong language.
- Use any language other than English.
- Be impatient. It may take several minutes for someone to reply.
You can close this window and return to it always by pressing F10, even in a singleplayer mission.
You can also send messages to players directly into the game when you add the name of the player at the start of your message.
If a player sends you a message, it will appear in a popup window.
If you want to host a game, make sure, that TCP port 27910 is opened in your firewall.
If you want to join the channel with a regular IRC client, connect to and join #ufoai
For help with setting up multiplayer games, see
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