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.TH UFO 6 "January 13, 2008"
ufo \- UFO: Alien Invasion client
\fBufo\fR [\fB+set \fIoption\fR \fIvalue\fP] ...
This manual page documents briefly the
.B ufo
\fBufo\fP is the client for the strategy game UFO: Alien Invasion.
Options passed by "+set option value" are the same as the in-game console understands. For the in-game console press SHIFT+ESC.
Use the in-game \fBcvarlist\fR to get a list of all available options in the game.
Set this to 0 to start without sound\&.
Set this to 1 to start in fullscreen mode\&.
Set this to 0 to deactivate GLSL programs\&.
All theses files are part of a pk3 file in \fI/usr/share/games/ufoai/base/\fR. You can extract them (pk3 files are just zip files)
and place them in the home directory of the user running the game. Use the path \fI~/.ufoai/<VERSION>/base/\fR to place
these files. The files that are not located in the pk3 files have a higher priority than the files that are stored in the pk3
files. So you are able to replace any file you want like this. You can also add new maps and other game content to the \fIbase/\fR
directory in your users home directory to be able to use new content in the game.
Game configuration\&.
Game key bindings\&.
Commands that are executed when starting the dedicated server\&.
\fBufo\fP was written by the UFO: Alien Invasion team.
This manual page was written by Florian Ludwig <>,
for the Debian project (but may be used by others).
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