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A Perl 6 Library for building Attribues from XML files with xpath Expressions.

XPath Specification

Specification on XPath Expressions can be found at


use XML::Rabbit;

class MyClass does XML::Rabbit::Node {
    has $.x is xpath-object('MyOtherClass, '/xml/b/@key' => '/xml/b');

class MyOtherClass does XML::Rabbit::Node {
    has $.value is xpath('.');
    has $.key is xpath('./@key');

my $object = => '/path/to/file.xml');


If you want to see more examples please have a look at the testcases.


This is my attempt to bring the ideas of perl5 XML::Rabbit into perl6. Thanks to AttrX::Lazy where I got the blueprint how to do the Meta programming.


Artistic License 2.0.