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References and information about programming languages and other technologies
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Club Resources

This is a collection of references, links, and other information about various programming languages, technology, and other things the club works with.


  1. Have a single source of information the club can reference
  2. That people can contribute links and tidbits they found useful to help others
  3. Projects will link directly to these files to not duplicate work

Each file or folder has information about that technology as well as a set of useful links to other good learning resources. Somethings have folders that will contain additional files for club-wide code styling or more in-depth information.

There is also a that serves as the base for the clubs styling preferences as well as the that suggests best practices for programming that we suggest everyone read.


We want your help in filling out the repository! If you have a link you really liked or see that we are missing files about something, please help us.

Please read for how to work on the project.


This project is licensed under the CC-BY-4.0, see the file for details.

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