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The official remodeling of The Open Source Club website
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UF Open Source Club's Website

The official remodeling of the official club website.

The website needs to be a central place for

  • Potential club members who are interested in what the Open Source Club is and want to find out more
  • Existing club members as a way to easily check what events are happening and what projects the club is working on
  • Students or others who are interested in open source in general and want to see how UF is involved with Open Source

The project roadmap can be found here.

Getting Started


Then clone this repo


Open up the index.html file (under the website folder) in a browser by dragging the file from your file explorer into the browser window.


Our own Nginx server using the club stack project

Built With

  • HTML - Short for Hypertext-Markup Language. It is the actual content of the page
  • CSS - Short for Cascading Style Sheets. It defines the look of the page
  • JavaScript - Not short for anything. It adds the functionality to the page.

Check out the file in docs folder for more information about the project.


Please read for how to work on the project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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