A lightweight C++ library for recursive bilateral filtering [Yang, Qingxiong. "Recursive bilateral filtering". European Conference on Computer Vision, 2012].
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Recursive bilateral filtering (developed by Qingxiong Yang) is pretty fast compared with most edge-preserving filtering methods

  • computational complexity is linear in both input size and dimensionality:
  • takes about 43 ms to process a one megapixel color image (i7 1.8GHz & 4GB mem)
  • about 18x faster than Fast high-dimensional filtering using the permutohedral lattice
  • about 86x faster than Gaussian kd-trees for fast high-dimensional filtering


Original Image

OpenCV's BF (896ms)

RecursiveBF (18ms)

Gaussian Blur

Median Blur

For more details of the algorithm, please refer to the original paper

    title={Recursive bilateral filtering},
    author={Yang, Qingxiong},
    booktitle={European Conference on Computer Vision},