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Ufront is a powerful MVC web framework for Haxe - and ufront-client gives you all the ufront goodness client-side, running in the browser. This is a mothership repo, that does not contain any source, but rather, a list of dependencies to make managing your ufront-client projects easier.
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Ufront is a powerful MVC web framework written in Haxe. ufront-client is a collection of libraries that allow you to run Ufront apps client-side, in the browser using Javascript. You can share most of your code with the server and communicate seamlessly.

This repository actually does not contain any source, rather just a haxelib.json and extraParams.hxml that include the required libraries and parameters, so you can just add -lib ufront-client to your projects.

Example Setup:

import app.controller.*;

class Client {
	static var clientApp:ClientJsApplication;

	static function main() {
		clientApp = new ClientJsApplication({
			indexController: HomeController,
			defaultLayout: "layout.html"

		// Listen to any history changes using PushState, and process each request.
		// Process the current request. Only need to run this if the server didn't render the page already.
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