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Welcome to the UFS Weather Model wiki!

The ufs-weather-model repository contains the model code and external links needed to build the Unified Forecast System (UFS) atmosphere model and associated components, including the WaveWatch III model. This weather model is used in several of the UFS applications, including the medium-range weather application, the short-range weather application, and the sub-seasonal to seasonal application.

Documentation for the ufs-weather-model is under development and user support still needs to be established. The information on this wiki targets Vlab developers already familiar with the code who are running on NOAA computers. Vlab (Virtual Lab) is a NOAA development and collaboration environment.

The ufs-weather-model Hierarchical Repository Structure

The ufs-weather-model repository supports several UFS applications. It contains atmosphere and wave components and some infrastructure components. Each of these components has its own repository. All the repositories are currently located in GitHub with public access to the broad community. Below is the ufs-weather-model hierarchical repository structure:

Hierarchy of repositories Authoritative repo URL
|── FMS
|── NEMS
└── NCEPLIBS-pyprodutil
|── ccpp-framework
|── ccpp-physics
|── fv3atm
└── GFDL_atmos_cubed_sphere
|── stochastic_physics
|── WW3

In the table, the left column shows the component names and the right column shows the component repositories which are pointing to (or will point to) the authoritative repositories. The ufs-weather-model currently uses git submodule to manage the sub-components. Developers may need to work with several components at the same time and need to get their changes committed to the components' authoritative repositories. To do that, developers need to follow the code management practices of the authoritative repositories. Once the component authoritative repositories have been updated, the changes will be brought into the ufs-weather-model repository by its code managers.

Users who only need to check out the latest code or certain tags can clone the repository without having a GitHub account:

% git clone  
% cd ufs-weather-model  
% git checkout develop (or tags)  
% git submodule update --init --recursive  

Developers who are making code changes should see the Developing Code page. They will need to create a GitHub account if they do not already have one.

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