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Welcome to the UFS Community!

This is the central repository for software that is part of the Unified Forecast System (UFS). UFS is a community-based, coupled, comprehensive Earth modeling system. The UFS numerical applications span local to global domains and predictive time scales from sub-hourly analyses to seasonal predictions. UFS is designed to support the Weather Enterprise and to be the source system for NOAA's operational numerical weather prediction applications. You can read more about the Unified Forecast System on the UFS Portal.

Applications and Components

UFS applications are configurations that support particular forecast requirements. Each application usually combines a numerical model, data assimilation, post-processing, workflow, and other elements. Since these end-to-end applications must be structured in a very specific way for operational forecasts, it may be easier for others to use a simpler configuration - for example, one without a full data assmilation system. Each distinct software element of an application is called a component.

Umbrella Repositories

Each application can be thought of an umbrella that gathers under it all the components that it needs. Application repositories are umbrella repositories that contains files with lists of links that point to the repositories of their constituent components. An umbrella repository can pull together all the software necessary to run an application although it doesn't contain much source code itself.

Application Code and Documentation

The UFS project is in the process of moving as much UFS code and documentation as possible to GitHub to support co-development by a broad community of collaborators. The first column in the table below shows the applications that are included in UFS. The second column shows which applications currently have code in GitHub repositories. The third column indicates which applications have supported releases - including documentation, examples, and user support.

Application GitHub Repo Latest Release
Medium-Range Weather (MR Weather) ufs-mrweather-app v1.1.0, 10/6/2020
Subseasonal to Seasonal (S2S) ufs-s2s-app Expected 2020.
Hurricane Expected 2020. Expected 2020.
Short-Range Weather / Convection Allowing ufs-srweather-app v1.0.0 3/4/2021
Space Weather Expected 2020. Expected 2020.
Marine and Cryosphere Not yet available. Not scheduled.
Coastal Not yet available. Not scheduled.
Air Quality Not yet available. Not scheduled.