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Applications Added missing include for std::isnan. Nov 15, 2018
BaseLib [BL] ConfigTree; Add size() to Range's. Nov 14, 2018
Documentation [doc] Tag descriptions for test_definition subtree Nov 14, 2018
GeoLib [GL] Polyline; Delete ptr before setting it null. Sep 23, 2018
MaterialLib [MatL] Constify LinearEl::getMaterialProperties(). Nov 13, 2018
MathLib [MaL] Remove OPENMP_LOOP_TYPE. Use int. Sep 26, 2018
MeshGeoToolsLib [MGTL] Allow multiple bulk element ids in identify Nov 2, 2018
MeshLib [MeL/IO] Extract vtu file name convers. for PETSc. Nov 6, 2018
NumLib [NL] Assert scalar quantity and element type. Oct 1, 2018
ProcessLib [PL] Fix ogs_file_param placement in cmp. Jac. Nov 20, 2018
SimpleTests/MeshTests Update copyright note year to 2018. Jan 2, 2018
Tests [T] SD; Rename reference files to match output. Nov 14, 2018
ThirdParty [CMake] Always build vtkdiff. Oct 30, 2018
scripts Pass WRAPPER to add_test in OgsTest() cmake. Nov 15, 2018
web [web] Refined wording on XSD error page. Nov 15, 2018
.appveyor.yml [appveyor] Bumped Visual Studio to 2017, never build Conan packages. Jul 17, 2018
.clang-format set false to AllowShortIfStatementsOnASingleLine in clang-format for … May 24, 2016
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README.md Updated DOI badge for 6.1.0: 10.5281/zenodo.1145843 Jan 12, 2018
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OpenGeoSys 6

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OpenGeoSys (OGS) is a scientific open source project for the development of numerical methods for the simulation of thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical (THMC) processes in porous and fractured media. OGS is implemented in C++, it is object-oriented with an focus on the numerical solution of coupled multi-field problems (multi-physics). Parallel versions of OGS are available relying on both MPI and OpenMP concepts. Application areas of OGS are currently CO2 sequestration, geothermal energy, water resources management, hydrology and waste deposition. OGS is comprised of the THMC-simulator (simply referred to as OGS) and a visualization tool (Data Explorer). OGS is developed by the OpenGeoSys Community.

Current status

It has to be noticed that the current OGS-6 version is under very heavy development and vivid discussion, and does not implement all functionality from OGS-5.

Software development


OpenGeoSys is distributed under a Modified BSD License which encourages users to attribute the work of the OpenGeoSys Community especially in scientific publications. See the LICENSE.txt for the license text.