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[web] Added workaround for git-lfs push errors.

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If you have any Git-related questions first look at these links:

- [Git Flight Rules](

## Git-LFS issues

### *The system cannot find the file specified.*

Example error output:

open C:\data\code\ogs6\ogs\Tests\Data\Mechanics\Ehlers\ref_axisymmetric_sphere_pcs_0_ts_100_t_1.000000.vtu: The system cannot find the file specified.
error: failed to push some refs to ''


Fetch all lfs files from `ufz/ogs` and push them to your remote.

# this downloads ALL lfs objects from the old lfs server
git lfs fetch --all origin # or upstream, this should point to ufz/ogs

# pushes ALL lfs objects to the new lfs server
git lfs push --all my-remote # this should point to your remote

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