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- when upgrading Conan it creates a file `~/.conan/` or similar which you can just rename to `~/.conan/settings.yml`

See also:

## Something went wrong during building

On Ubuntu always use the system default gcc version! Otherwise if you use a newer compiler
than the default you may end up using incompatible Conan packages. E.g. when you use gcc 6
on Ubuntu 16.04 (where gcc 5 is the default) Conan uses packages which are built on Ubuntu
17.10 (where gcc 6 is the default). Ubuntu 17.10 uses a newer glibc library (2.25) which
is incompatible to the glibc library on Ubuntu 16.04 (2.23).

In this case you would get linker errors with the Conan VTK library:

error: undefined reference to `getrandom'
.../expat/vtkexpat/lib/xmlparse.c 694

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