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@bilke bilke released this Sep 22, 2015 · 13748 commits to master since this release

| Released on 2015/09/21, GitHub Release Link

Release notes


  • Mesh properties are now used for:
    • heterogeneous "initial conditions" (actually a start solution vector for the elliptic problem).
    • spatially heterogeneous hydraulic conductivity values in the groundwater flow process.
  • First steps towards time dependent problems: Time loop integration for processes is provided.
  • Interpolation of nodal quantities on elements using shape functions.
  • Mesh generator can create surface meshes according to a given function

? - DataExplorer extensions:

  • Utilities:
    • MoveGeometry
  • The DOF table handles now all of the provided element types: Hex 8 and 20, Line 2 and 3, Prism 6 and 15, Pyramid 5 and 13, Quad 4, 8, and 9, Tet 4 and 10, Triangle 3 and 6.
  • Eigen linear solver library can be used for solution of the linear systems of equations.
  • Octree data structures for fast searches
    • Volumetric and surface grid
    • ElementSearcher NodeSearcher improvements
  • Generalized the computation of rotation matrix to xy


  • FEFLOW interface supports element sets now.
  • Reduce compilation times by using forward declarations and removing unnecessary includes and using explicit template instantiation for often required classes.
  • GMSH2OGS: fixed bug in cases GMSH mesh does not contain line elements
  • CreateBoundaryConditionsAlongPolylines: fixed bug concerning the GeoLib and point ids.
  • PointVec corrected point id map
  • Shape interface creates polylines in a consistent state


Test examples

  • Test case: groundwater flow in the Unstrut catchment (model consists approximately of 9e6 hexahedral cells)
    • Simulations using homogeneous and heterogeneous hydraulic conductivity
    • Integrated rivers as Dirichlet type boundary conditions
    • Integrated groundwater recharge (spatialy homogeneous) as Neumann boundary condition


Next steps

The next big step will be the implementation of a parallelization scheme using PETSc library

In development

  • OGS#PETSc interface for parallel computing
  • Solving of time dependent problems


  • Implementation of a linear parabolic pde solver
  • Extending the linear elliptic solver to non-linear problems
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