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@bilke bilke released this 05 Jan 11:18
· 19583 commits to master since this release

Release notes

| Released on 2015/01/05, GitHub Release Link


  • Parallel computing framework for FEM by using PETSc, which also includes
    • Parallel input of partitioned mesh data.
    • Parallel output of solutions by using pvtu data format.
  • New data structures for mesh properties are used everywhere replacing
    Element's value member.
  • The penalty method to impose first-type boundary conditions was substituted
    with a non-penalty method for LIS and Eigen linear solvers.
  • Support for multiple nodal variables is extended to the boundary conditions,
    the sparsity pattern.
  • Passing of linear solver options from the project files is now possible.
  • The global matrix and global vector type of indices is consistent with the
    linear solver library being used.


  • Added CMake option OGS_CPU_ARCHITECTURE, #858, downloadable binaries build by Jenkins should now run on more CPUs
  • Added CMake options for Boost, VTK and Eigen (OGS_LIB_BOOST, ...) to specify if libs are searched on the system first, then build them locally (Default), or you can specify to just use system libs (System) or force a local build (Local)
  • Added CMake options for enabling Clang sanitizer:
  • The zlib library is removed from ThirdParty directory.
  • A LIS solver interface using Eigen's sparse matrices is now available through
    CMake option OGS_USE_EIGENLIS.
  • CMake configuration uses ccache if available.



  • Fix all ogs-internal warnings on all OS.
  • Move eigen solver compute call to solve(); different fix for 0237275