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@endJunction endJunction released this 05 Jul 11:05
· 15747 commits to master since this release


  • Transferred the TES process, a monolithically coupled THC model for simulating
    thermochemical energy storag devices, from OGS5. #1181
  • Add external ode-solver interface with Sundials CVODE
    . #1109
  • Introduced a general scheme for documenting OGS6 input file settings. #978
  • Add piecewise linear curves parser to the project files. The curves are
    specified by two vectors, the coordinates and values. They can be used for
    example to map temporal dependencies (time-dependent boundary conditions) or
    as approximations of coefficient dependencies (e.g. pressure-saturation
    curves). #1149
  • Extend the LocalAssemblerInterface by adding default implementations of
    pre/postTimestep and assembleJacobian functions. The current time and time
    step size are passed in the preTimestep call to the particular processes. #1214
  • Add support multi-variable/multi-component in the DOF table interface and
    extend the initial conditions to multi-components. #1224
  • Major rework of the general process interface. That also affects the
    interface of concrete processes and local assemblers.
    least squares optimization. #1145
  • Added functionality for the output of secondary variables. #1171
  • Added material properties for zeolite adsorption and Calcium oxide/hydroxide
    reactions. #1178
  • Added copy constructor for the class Surface, minor improvements in GeoLib. #1237
  • Added classes GeoLib::LineSegment and GeoLib::Polyline::SegmentIterator. #1139
  • GMSHInterface can handle stations as constraints. #1212
  • Added functionality to duplicate geometric data. #1229
  • Station names can be modified in Data Explorer #1273


  • Fix circular dependencies on library level. This allows for dynamic linking
    which is faster than static and can be used in debug builds, where the
    compilation time is more important than the runtime.
    • Enable shared linking of ogs libraries. #1133
    • Break FileIO on ApplicationsLib dependency. #1138
    • Remove MeshLib on FileIO dependency. #1143, #1153
    • Cleanup some of AssemblerLib dependencies. #1166
    • Split AssemblerLib and move to MathLib and NumLib #1208
    • Move InsituLib to MeshLib #1208
    • Remove MathLib depends on NumLib #1208
    • Remove dependency of FileIO on Data Explorer #1302
  • Introduced Conan package manager for automatic fetching of build dependencies, #1141
  • Inconsistent formatting of tabs and spaces was finally resolved: now all
    formatting, indentation and alignment, are done with four spaces. #1201
  • Windows 32-bit builds are disallowed because they are not supported.
    Can be forced by setting OGS_32_BIT=ON. #1230
  • Simplified FindEigen.cmake, #1209
  • git diff --check is run in its own Travis job, #1207
  • Moved some IO implementations from FileIO to BaseLib/IO, GeoLib/IO, MeshLib/IO, #1182, #1235
  • Eigen is not optional anymore #1218
  • Removed OGS_USE_EIGENLIS CMake option. Use OGS_USE_LIS instead #1251


  • Fix linking of Metis in MathLib. #1147
  • Fix memory leaks in GMSHInterface. #1212
  • Fix build with Lis #1267
  • Fixing several small issues with NetCDF import #1169
  • Restructure Applications related modules
    • Move DataHolderLib and FileIO under Applications #1279
  • Remove calling std::abort within libraries. Exeptions are thrown instead. #1245
  • Fix finding Boost with BOOST_ROOT CMake argument #1287
  • Fix linking of Sundials CVODE library #1197
  • Fixed issue where geometry names would be missing after merging geometries #1295