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@endJunction endJunction released this Dec 7, 2016 · 7958 commits to master since this release

The highlight of the release is the implementation of the Lower-Interface
Elements for both the small deformation process (M) and hydro-mechanics process
(HM) allowing fractures to be incorporated in the solution domain.
For the liquid flow and two-phase flow processes several material models for the
fluids pressure, density, permeability, and viscosity were added.


  • Implementation of hydro-mechanics (HM) with LIE. #1537-#1541
  • Implementation of small deformation (M) with LIE. #1452
  • Fracture constitutive models. #1434
  • Hydro-Mechanics process. #1508
  • First version of monolithic hydro-thermal process implementation with
    Boussinesq approximation using constant viscosity. #1534
  • Two phase flow process with pp model implementation. #1530
  • Richards flow process implementation. #1473
  • Liquid process. #1468
  • Classes for relative permeability models. #1531
  • Classes for capillary models. #1517, #1578
  • Ehlers single-surface yield function constitutive relation model. #1556
  • Support scaling, GMRES, and Pardiso in Eigen linear solvers. #1509 #1510
  • Piecewise linear Monotonic curve and a generic curve parser. #1529
  • Support searching boundary nodes in MeshLib::NodeSearch. #1459
  • Support specifying the shape function order in process variables. #1503
  • Command line option --unbuffered-std-out to deactivate buffer for standard output. #1514
  • CMake option OGS_FATAL_ABORT for debugging. #1432
  • Set the default OGS_LOG_LEVEL to debug in release builds. #1522
  • Add integration order in input files. #1464


New utilities:

New features:

  • extend NodeReordering to correct ordering of nonlinear nodes #1519


  • Ctest now works on Windows too by removing time-wrappers. #1480
  • Moved to public Jenkins instance at #1505
  • Doxygen warnings parser in Jenkins will mark a build as unstable
    if there are Doxygen warnings. #1585
  • Benchmarking on Jenkins now saves the standard output into a file for each
    test. #1528


  • Fix LocalToGlobalIndexMap with mutliple variables and with multiple componets. #1433 #1440
  • Fix PropertyVector<T*> for multi-component case. #1441
  • Fix checking IDs of nonlinear nodes. #1495
  • Fix incorrect use of getNumberOfBaseNodes(). #1515
  • Fix computing sparsity pattern for mixed shape function order cases. #1548
  • Fix that iterations and residuals were not printed when Eigen linear solver fails. #1499
  • Fix all of the Doxygen warnings in the code. #1569 #1573
  • Fix all of the input file/keyword documentation and its generation.
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