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Source: cobbler
Section: unknown
Priority: optional
Maintainer: Jasper Poppe <>
Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 7), python-cheetah, python-yaml, git-core, python
Standards-Version: 3.8.0
Package: cobbler
Architecture: all
Depends: ${python:Depends}, python, apache2, libapache2-mod-python, python-support, python-yaml, python-netaddr, python-cheetah, syslinux | syslinux-common
Suggests: rsync, tftpd-hpa, mkisofs, tftpd-hpa, dhcp3-server, createrepo
Description: Install server
Cobbler is a network install server. Cobbler
supports PXE, virtualized installs, and
reinstalling existing Linux machines. The last two
modes use a helper tool, 'koan', that
integrates with cobbler. Cobbler's advanced features
include importing distributions from DVDs and rsync
mirrors, kickstart templating, integrated yum
mirroring, and built-in DHCP/DNS Management. Cobbler has
a Python and XMLRPC API for integration with other
applications. There is also a web interface.
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