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Latest snapshot build as jar, exe or app for mac

Telemetry Sync Tool

This is a tool to import telemetry data from UgCS to DroneLogbook site.

Getting pre-built release distribution

  1. Download the latest release distribution as executable jar-file (or go to the release page if you want a different one).

  2. Run telemetrySyncTool-1.3.1.jar (in Linux you may have to add execution permissions on jar-file).

  3. All configurations are available through client.properties file located in <user_home>/.dronelogbook application data folder (e. g. ~/.dronelogbook for Linux/Mac and C:\Users\<user_name>\.dronelogbook for Windows).

Note: To enable telemetry logging for emulators add the following line to the <path to UgCS installation>\server\ucs\ucs.properties file:


Building application from sources

  • Download sources from the repository
  • Change to the directory where pom.xml is located and run the command (JDK version 8 or higher is required):
# Linux/Mac:
./mvnw clean package
# Windows:
mvnw clean package

Note: For Maven to work you'll need to set up JAVA_HOME environment variable:

# Linux/Mac:
echo "export JAVA_HOME=/path/to/jdk/root/directory" >> ~/.bash_profile
# Windows:
setx -m JAVA_HOME "C:\path\to\jdk\root\directory"
  • after successful build you'll find executable telemetrySyncTool-1.3.1.jar application in distr/multi-platform directory
  • for Windows exe-file is built in ditr/windows-executable directory
  • for Mac the distribution can be found in distr/mac-application directory

Connection with UgCS

Application is compatible with UgCS version 3.0 or higher.

Default localhost admin account is set up at client.properties. Please update it if you use different account:


Uploading telemetry data to DroneLogbook

Uploading process of acquired telemetry starts if you select the drone, choose the filter in the bottom of the application, select flights and click on Upload button.


Licensed under the 3-Clause BSD License.