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Releases: ugeneunipro/ugene

Release 50.0

14 Apr 00:51
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  • Primer3 can be run without a target sequence.
  • Primer-BLAST has been implemented in UGENE.
  • The hairpin visualization tool mfold has been integrated into UGENE.
  • The PlasMapper plasmids annotation database has been updated to the latest version.
  • Python, included in the UGENE package, has been upgraded to version 3.
  • The list of presets for Primer3 has been expanded.
  • Improved compatibility with theme settings in macOS.
  • Fixed issues related to the stability and usability of UGENE.
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    See also a new video about the recent improvements in UGENE.

    Release 49.1

    26 Nov 03:06
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    • Fix crash in genome aligner UI.

    Release 49.0

    08 Nov 16:17
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    • The "Presets" feature has been developed for Primer3, that allows you to select a set of preset settings to run the tool. At the moment, two presets are available - default settings and Recombinase Polymerase Amplification.
    • Primer3 has received the function of filtering the resulting primer pairs depending on their homo/heterocomplementarity.
    • Annotation selection has been corrected in the Sequence Editor.
    • Various minor interface fixes and enhancements.

    Release 48.1

    04 Sep 19:52
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    • Fixed a crash on project view filtering with hundreds of objects.

    Release 48.0

    08 Aug 21:29
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    • Improved macOS support: Dozens of minor interface issues have been fixed.
    • Revamped interface for working with restriction sites: New filters and enzyme details have been added.
    • Most external tools shipped with UGENE have been updated to their latest versions.
    • Enhanced support for PDB and ClustalW file formats.
    • Many small issues related to the usability and stability of UGENE on all platforms have been fixed.

    Release 47.0

    21 May 17:33
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    • Improved bookmark management. An option to update bookmarks has been added.
    • Improved support for large SAM and BAM files.
    • The algorithm from the Primer3 tool is now used by default for melting temperature calculations.
    • Improved parameter descriptions and functionality in the Primer3 tool.
    • Fixed focus issues in several dialogs on macOS.
    • The Rebase restriction enzyme database has been updated to the latest version.
    • Added the ability to choose commercial suppliers for restriction enzymes.
    • Fixed bugs related to annotations and multiline mode in multiple sequence alignment editor.

    Release 46.0

    23 Feb 00:40
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    • Introducing a new external tool for building phylogenetic trees: FastTree.
    • A new built-in oligonucleotide melting temperature algorithm provided by the Primer3 tool.
    • The Phy-tree Viewer has been improved with better scrolling, zooming, preservation of collapse and selection states when switching between different layout types, and more..
    • The Assembly Browser has been improved to ensure that the navigational coverage overview does not miss regions for very large references.
    • The Msa Editor now supports export of multi-line mode pictures into SVG or regular image formats.
    • Improved sequence alphabet detection for extended DNA/RNA alphabets, and enhancements in support for different file formats.

    Release 45.1

    31 Dec 16:27
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    This is a bug-fix release.

    Several major regressions were fixed including error during startup on Windows.

    Release 45.0

    19 Nov 12:05
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    • New visualization mode in MSA Editor: Wrap Mode.
    • Phylogenetic tree visualization improvements: hiding nodes, copying of tree image to clipboard, branch curvature.
    • Primer 3 tool is updated to the latest version.
    • Experimental features: a new Genecut tool.
    • Other stability and usability fixes.

    Release 44.0

    21 Aug 00:09
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    • Fixed issues with visualization of cladogram and phylogram phy-trees in circular and unrooted modes.
    • Improved support for Unicode symbols in file paths for BAM and SAM files used by Samtools module.
    • GL2PS library to export vector images of 3D structures was upgraded to the latest version.
    • Performance and stability improvements in GFF and ASN format readers.
    • MrBayes algorithm now uses the same seed by default and produces repeatable results with the default settings.
    • Other stability and usability fixes.