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Example of testing Perl 6 module on
Perl 6
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Demonstrate Perl6 module testing on Travis-CI


Just copy the .travis.yml file from this repo to yours and turn on testing for that repository on (toggle the appropriate slider on


Runs travis-ci tests using both supported backends using the most current Rakudo built from source. Rakudo Star is not used for continuous testing purposes as Rakudo changes far too often, and you would end up testing against month old changes. It will also submit test reports for your module to, and failures from modules that show up Rakudo commits can help the Rakudo developers see what new changes may have broke.



  • Generate a .travis.yml in some location based on some arguments.

######Combined test run

  • Option to use rakudobrew to test multiple $ENV{BACKEND} in one job. Current build times for JVM make this not always possible.
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