Create an installable Distribution from common local sources
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Create an installable Distribution from common sources.

But really this serves to provide examples on how to create your own Distribution classes that don't rely on a specific file system directory layout before being installed.


use Distribution::Common::Git;
use Distribution::Common::Tar;
use Distribution::Common::Directory;

# a local path with a .git folder
my $git-dist =$path.IO, :$force);

# a file ending in .tar.gz
my $tar-dist =$path.IO, :$force);

# a plain directory like Distribution::Path for brevity
my $dir-dist =$path.IO, :$force);

Distribution Implementations


Installable Distribution from a .tar.gz archive


Installable Distribution from a local git repo. Because this is a directory it inclusion is meant to serve as an example as Distribution::Common::Directory will handle this similarly. In the future however it could support changing branches


Essentially the built-in Distribution::Path but built around the Distribution::Common interface



The base for the various common distribution classes. Fulfills rakudo's Distribution role by providing its own IO interface requirements (Distribution::IO) which do most of the actual work. It's main purpose is to fake IO::Handle methods such as open and close for IO-like access to objects that don't need to be .open before being read.


Like rakudo's own Distribution, but with an additional requirement, ls-files, to automatically handle the setting of $!meta{files} for Distribution::Common



Extract a single file from a distribution to memory. When CompUnitRepository::Installation::Install.install accesses such files they are written directly to their install location instead of first using an intermediate temporary location


Basically provides a recursive file listing and little else


  • Distribution::Common::Tar should handle .tar, not just .tar.gz