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Barely a Linux
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Bare Linux

Barely a Linux.

irc: #bare on


* Favor minimal applications and libraries.
* Only one package per use-case.
* No translations.
* Stable timed branches only containing security updates and bug fixes.
* Vanilla kernel without initramfs and module support. Different kernel
  config and package per target system.


First bootstrap from a linux system with the necessary toolchain:

	./mk bootstrap

Then build packages in a native Bare system:

	./mk pkg <package>

The contained rootfs can be entered with:

	./mk enter

To build all unbuilt packages and their dependencies:

	./mk pkg

To rebuild all packages:

	./mk -f pkg


Bare was successfully bootstrapped from:

* Debian 8.3
* Gentoo 20160211


The following environment variables can be overridden from the defaults:

	* MK_NPROC: number of parallel processes to build with
	  (defaults to the number of CPUs).

Legal Information

Bare Linux consists of several packages, each with their own license.
These can be inspected under /usr/share/licenses on a live system.

The rest of Bare Linux is released under the ISC License.
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