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@@ -78,6 +78,11 @@ via the filesystem modification dates. Currently, the only other usuable
values are "always" and "never", the former only recommended during debugging,
the latter useful if you want to limit yourself to manual building.
+ASSETS_AUTO_CREATE defaults to True and can be used to disable automatic
+creation of an assets even if it does not exist yet. This is useful in
+combination with ASSETS_UPDATER="never", to disable any sort of automatic
+asset building.
ASSETS_EXPIRE is needed if you send your assets to the client using a far
future expires header. Unless set to False, it will modify the asset url
using it's modification timestamp, so that browsers will reload the file
@@ -106,8 +111,11 @@ Future TODOs
image urls with timestamps; the cssrewrite filter could modify urls within
CSS files when ASSETS_EXPIRE is enabled.
+ * Find a good solution to making filter debug/log information available in a
+ standardized way across the board.
- * Nodes in child templates are always not correctly found by rebuild command?
- * Add autocreate option to disable automatic creation even if not exists (
- source files are outputted instead)
+ * Allow an option to fall back to rendering source files in case asset
+ building fails for some reason. Right now, the user would get to see a
+ server error. This would probably most simply be accomplished by having
+ AssetsNode catch exceptions in create_merged() and redirect to
+ render_sources. We probably want to activate this only in production mode.

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