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OMG! I can jQuery!

How many bad things can you count?

{% highlight javascript %} DayTimeStart = parseInt(DayTimeStart.substring(0,2),10); NightTimeStart = parseInt(NightTimeStart.substring(0,2),10); var now = new Date(); var nowHour = now.getHours();
if(nowHour >= DayTimeStart && nowHour < NightTimeStart){ $("body").css("background-color","#27BBBC"); $("body").css("background-image","url('/library/images/bg_bodyDay.png')"); $("body").css("background-repeat","repeat-x"); $("div#main h1").css("background-image","url('" + HeaderDayImage + "')"); } else { $("body").css("background-color","#117071"); $("body").css("background-image","url('/library/images/bg_bodyNight.png')"); $("body").css("background-repeat","repeat-x"); $("div#main h1").css("background-image","url('" + HeaderNightImage + "')"); $("div#footer").css("background-color","#117071"); $("a#share").css("left","591px"); } {% endhighlight %}

  • Global variables, which would probably be okay if they were constants.
  • Non constructor variables starting with capital letters (e.g. DayTimeStart).
  • Re-querying for jQuery('body'). Pointless, wasteful.
  • Application of CSS in JS. It depends on the case, but with this example, the JS should apply a class to the body and then the correct styles should be applied in the StyleSheet.
  • Usage of the value "591px". It's uncommented and is not in any describtive constant. It's just there, in the code. Some poor developer will come along and ask: Why 591? Why 591? ... why...