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Hating the back button, and exception abuse

Saw these snippets on the site of a company that provides "industry leading solutions". Firstly a snippet that was in the <head> of every page, intentionally breaking the back button:

{% highlight javascript %}

{% endhighlight %}

And there was also this function which abuses exceptions for control flow (I'm not too sure why):

{% highlight javascript %} function crossFrameScripting() { // TT#157678 - Prevent Frame usage. (esamson) //if (AgentUtils.isIE) //{ try {
if(self.document.domain.toString() != top.document.domain.toString()) { throw "Access is denied"; } } catch(exc) { if (top != self) { top.location=self.location; } } //} // /TT#157678 - Prevent Frame usage. (esamson) } {% endhighlight %}

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