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WikibaseSync documentation

This is an open-source project developed by The QA Company.

You can use this project to sync Wikidata Items and Properties with your arbitrary Wikibase.

This tool is actively used at


  • Import Wikidata Items and Properties
  • Track the changes on Wikidata and Keep synchronized
  • Keep external links to Wikidata

Installation remarks

This is just a standard setup of the python repo using virtual enviroments

  • ensure you have python3 and sudo yum install python3-devel or sudo apt install python3-dev
  • sudo apt install virtualenv
  • virtualenv venv --python=python3
  • source venv/bin/activate
  • pip install -r requirements.txt


This is the standard procedure to create a Bot Account on Wikibase. The Account is responsible for making the edits.

  1. Login in the Wikibase instance (for example using the admin account)
  2. Go to "Special Pages" -> "Bot passwords" and type the name of your bot (for example WikidataUpdater)
  3. Give him the follwing rights: "High-volume editing", "Edit existing pages" and "Create, edit, and move pages"
  4. Copy your username in ""
  5. Copy your username, the name of the bot and the password in ""
  6. Update the application.config.ini [config/application.config.ini]

Application config

Define the Wikibase properties in this file.


located in config/application.config.ini in the repository

Customize this file based on your Wikibase properties. Check the example properties below (it matches the default properties of a Wikibase Docker installation)

user = admin
sparqlEndPoint = http://localhost:8834/proxy/wdqs/bigdata/namespace/wdq/sparql
domain = localhost:80
protocol = http
apiUrl= http://localhost:80/w/api.php


  • python Q1 to import Q1 from Wikidata (if already imported the entity will be put in sync)
  • python P31 to import P31 from Wikidata (if already imported the entity will be put in sync)
  • python to sync all currently imported items
  • python to sync all entities that where changed in Wikidata (calling this regularly allows to maintain all instances and properties in sync with Wikidata)


Library to copy entities from one Wikibase to another and to keep them in sync







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