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MsgPack library for Go (DEPRECATED)

DEPRECATED as of May 29, 2013. Please use
which is significantly faster, cleaner, more correct and more complete.
See []

A complete redesign was done which accomodates multiple codec formats. It thus became necessary to create a new repository with a different name.

I hope to retire this repository anytime from July 1, 2013.

A log message will be printed out at runtime encouraging users to upgrade.

About go-msgpack



To install:

go get

It provides features similar to encoding packages in the standard library (ie json, xml, gob, etc).


  • Standard Marshal/Unmarshal interface.
  • Support for all exported fields (including anonymous fields)
  • Standard field renaming via tags
  • Encoding from any value (struct, slice, map, primitives, pointers, interface{}, etc)
  • Decoding into pointer to any non-nil value (struct, slice, map, int, float32, bool, string, etc)
  • Decoding into a nil interface{}
  • Handles time.Time transparently (stores time as 2 element array: seconds since epoch and nanosecond offset)
  • Provides a Server and Client Codec so msgpack can be used as communication protocol for net/rpc.

API docs:


    dec = msgpack.NewDecoder(r, nil)  
    err = dec.Decode(&v)  
    enc = msgpack.NewEncoder(w)  
    err = enc.Encode(v)  
    //methods below are convenience methods over functions above.  
    data, err = msgpack.Marshal(v)  
    err = msgpack.Unmarshal(data, &v, nil)  
    //RPC Server
    conn, err := listener.Accept()
    rpcCodec := msgpack.NewRPCServerCodec(conn, nil)

    //RPC Communication (client side)
    conn, err = net.Dial("tcp", "localhost:5555")  
    rpcCodec := msgpack.NewRPCClientCodec(conn, nil)  
    client := rpc.NewClientWithCodec(rpcCodec)