Help make UGtastic awesome by contributing show-notes, episode descriptions, transcripts, etc.
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Many Hands Make Light Work

Help make UGtastic awesome by contributing show-notes, episode descriptions, transcripts, etc.

UGtastic is a celebration of the the awesome work that so many people are putting in to build a vibrant and exciting global technical community. But it's more than I can handle, there's a lot of content that needs to be created beyond the video. I have fallen way, way behind in creating show notes, summaries, transcripts, and close-captioning files. So I'm asking your help to create them.

How to contribute.

  • Write up or edit a summary.

    The simplest way to get started is by writing up a summary of an interview. It doesn't have to be long nor does the language have to be perfect. If you can do even a quick summary of the interview that will be very helpful. Or, maybe there already is a summary of an interview written. Feel free to expand or improve the grammar.

  • Create or expand the show-notes

    Interviews often mention projects, companies, other people. Calling out the highlights from the interview and adding links to more information will greatly improve the usefulness of the videos for other visitors.

  • Transcribe interviews

    Are you a fast typer? Or at least are you patient? Transcribing videos is hard work and very valuable to visitors who aren't able to hear or chose not to listen to the interviews but would like to know what was said. This goes a long way towards translating and eventually Closed Captioning as well.

  • Closed Captioning

    This is the Holy Grail of contributions. If you are willing to write up SubRip formatted Closed Caption files for interview episodes then you will be my new personal hero. These are especially valuable because they can be loaded straight into the videos so hard of hearing people can also enjoy the videos as well as being able to extract transcripts. This is a double-whammy.

  • Translations

    Translations would probably make me cry. Knowing that UGtastic could be share with people from different cultures and languages would be amazing.

Where to start.


The interviewsi/general/example directory holds a sketch of the structure for the files.

  • summary.markdown: The default of the episode in Markdown format for English.
  • show-notes.markdown: The default show notes in Markdown format for English.
  • transcript.txt: The default transcript in plain text form for English.
  • The default Closed Caption file in SubRip format for English.
  • pl: An example directory that could hold Polish translations of the default files.

The interviews are organized as conferences/$CONFERENCE_NAME/$YEAR/$INTERVIEW\_NAME or general/$INTERVIEW\_NAME interview.

    ├── conferences
    │   ├── chicagowebconf
    │   │   └── 2012
    │   ├── goto\ chicago
    │   │   └── 2013
    │   ├── software\ craftsmanship\ north\ america
    │   │   ├── 2011
    │   │   ├── 2012
    │   │   └── 2013
    │   ├── webvisions\ chicago
    │   │   └── 2013
    │   └── windycityrails
    │       └── 2012
    └── general
        └── example
            ├── pl
            │   └── README.markdown
            ├── show-notes.markdown
            ├── summary.markdown
            └── transcript.txt

So if you wanted to translated the interview with Rich Hickey from GOTO Chicago 2013 then you would create a folder interview/conferences/goto chicago/2013/rich hickey and start adding the text files inside there.

Git commits and pull requests

Please put the name of the interview in the commit request. I'll be able to figure it out quickly from reading the pull request but it'll make the history a lot easier to parse.

License and attribution

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. You must agree to sharing under this license before contributing. Thanks.