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This is a caching PyPI implementation that can be used as a standalone PyPI server as well as a PyPI cache.

As the name suggests, it is using spyne


Spynepi uses some subsystems of spyne which requires optional dependencies. And also spynepi uses twisted as wsgi server


You can get spynepi via pypi:

easy_install spynepi

or you can clone from github:

git clone git://

or get the source distribution from one of the download sites and unpack it.

To install from source distribution, you should run its setup script as usual:

python install

And if you want to make any changes to the spynepi code, it's more comfortable to use:

python develop

Using Spynepi

You can start spynepi with:

$ spynepi_daemon

You can upload packages with:

$ python register -r local sdist upload -r spynepi

And you can download packages with:

$ easy_install --user -U -i http://localhost:7789 package


Config file for spynepi can be found inside spynepi/const/

  • DB_CONNECTION_STRING : Default database for spynepi is sqlite. If you wish to use a different database you can change this line. It must be an sqlalchemy compatiable database connection string

    For detatils please read

    Example: for postgres postgresql://user:password@localhost:5432/database_name

  • FILES_PATH : Path which packages will be stored in default it creates a file named files

  • HOST : Thank you Captain Obvious. Default is

  • PORT : Thanks again you're awesome. Default is 7789

  • REPO_NAME: The repository name you will use to upload or download packages in default it is spynepi.

  • TABLE_PREFIX: Prefix for tables which sqlalchemy will create