Simple implementation of Naive Bayes Classifier for PHP
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Naive Bayes Classifier for PHP

Naive Bayes Classifier is a probabilistic classifier of previously unseen data based around the Bayes theorem rule. Generally, other (more complex) algorithms giving better accuracy, but if NBC is trained well on a large data set it can give suprisingly good results for much less effort.

Naive Bayes Classifier may be used in:

  • Spam detection
  • Automatic assignment of categories to a set of items
  • Automatic detection of the primary language

Learn more about Naive Bayes Classifier at



$nbc = new NBC();

$nbc->train(new FileDataSource('polish.txt'), 'polish');
$nbc->train(new FileDataSource('english.txt'), 'english');
$nbc->train(new FileDataSource('japanese.txt'), 'japanese');

echo $nbc->classify("This color is very bright.") . PHP_EOL;
echo $nbc->classify("人生 の 意味 は 何 です か?") . PHP_EOL;
echo $nbc->classify("Byłem ostatni w kolejce.");

Sample output


Further releases

  • Saving trained classifier into file
  • Tokenizer improvement (now working only with documents where tokens are separated by space)
  • MySQL data source
  • MongoDB data source