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OpenUH Overview

OpenUH is a branch of the Open64 repository, focusing on compiler implementation for parallel programming models and support for parallel program analysis tools.

OpenUH 3.0 is the latest release of the OpenUH compiler from the HPCTools Group at the University of Houston. It is based on the Open64 5.0 compiler infrastructure, and provides a number of features to facilitate parallel programming for HPC application development. The OpenUH 3.0 source code may be downloaded on the web, or retrieved from the public subversion repository. Prebuilt installations of OpenUH 3.0 are also available online.


OpenUH extends the Open64 OpenMP implementation by adding support for nested parallelism, OpenMP 3.0 explicit tasking, and other OpenMP bug fixes. The OpenMP runtime library that comes with OpenUH 3.0 supports several task scheduling strategies, enables selection of more scalable barrier algorithms, and provides an implementation of the OpenMP Collector API for interaction with performance collection tools.

Use the omprun script to control varoius parameters for the execution of your OpenMP programs.

Coarray Fortran

OpenUH 3.0 provides support for Coarray Fortran (CAF), an extension that has been adopted in the Fortran 2008 standard. With the use of coarrays, a programmer can easily write parallel Fortran programs for distributed systems. CAF provides an array extension for carrying out 1-sided communication between executing "images", as well as a number of intrinsic functions for synchronization between all or a specified subset of the images. The OpenUH 3.0 CAF implementation can work in conjunction with either the GASNet or ARMCI runtime libraries, open-source projects which are freely downloadable online.

Use the uhcaf and cafrun scripts to compile and run your CAF programs, respectively.


Dragon is a compiler tool for visualizing call graph, control-flow graph, array region accesses, and more. OpenUH 3.0 can generate analysis files that Dragon can load and present to the user.

To use with Dragon, compile with -dragon. The Dragon tool will be available at the HPCTools group website for download.

Open64 Merge History:

[13] merged r3826:4037 of Open64 main trunk. (2/28/13) [12] merged r3777:3826 of Open64 main trunk. (6/17/12) [11] merged r3741:3777 of Open64 main trunk. (11/14/11) [10] merged r3669:3741 of Open64 main trunk. (9/23/11) [9] merged r3640:3669 of Open64 main trunk. (7/1/11) [8] merged r3556:3663 of openmp3.0 branch. (7/1/11) [7] merged r3610:3640 of Open64 main trunk. (6/4/11) [6] merged r3590:3610 of Open64 main trunk. (5/19/11) [5] merged r3579:3590 of Open64 main trunk. (5/8/11) [4] merged r3576:3579 of Open64 main trunk. (5/3/11) [3] merged r3477:3556 of openmp3.0 branch. (5/1/11) [2] merged r3520:3576 of Open64 main trunk. (4/30/11) [1] merged through 3520 of Open64 main trunk. (4/30/11)


Merge [13] merges several months worth of commits from Open64 5.x main trunk into OpenUH. This spans numerous bug fixes in LNO, WOPT, and CG, as well as several new features. Included is a patch for x6-ppc32 cross compiling support, CGSSA implementation, auto-detection of CPU on the host system for a more accurate target architecture, correction of ipa-link arguments (for debugging), allowing debugging of sources compiled from different directory, supporting variable length arrays in structs, removing some unused PROMPF implementation code, updates to CG scheduler, removal of unused GCC 4.0 C/C++ front-end, a new perl version of kopencc script, some misc. transformations to enable various loop optimizations, fixing build errors when compiling with gcc 4.7, and a configure-based build system for PPC native compiler. The removal of PROMPF is something we may try to reverse in the future, because some analyses implemented in OpenUH several years ago used it. Open64 bugs fixed by this merge are: 362, 778-779, 783, 785, 787, 798, 830, 889, 891, 897, 903, 908, 910-912, 924, 929, 933-934, 938-941, 943-944, 947-952, 954-955, 962-963, 966-967, 969, 970-972, 978, 999, 1003-1004, 1800 (from Open64 bugzilla).

Merge [12] merges some early features added to Open64 5.0 from the open64 main trunk. This includes improvements for GNU compatibility, Nystrom alias analyzer in IPA phase, and a new siloed reference analysis pass in IPA.

Merge [11] merges the rest of Open64 5.0 release into OpenUH.

For merge [10], a number of fixes/enhancements over a 2 month period were integrated into OpenUH. Enhancements include IF-statement vectorization framework, CG updates for AMD Bulldozer, enabling more if-conversion in WOPT, option to disable shared library support for improved portability (e.g. to port to Cygwin/Windows), VCG graph support for procedure CFGs in CG, a 'copyin-copyout" optimization for structure members whose accesses exhibit poor cache locality, new DSP Zero-Delay-Loop (ZDL) implementation. Fixes for sqrt intrinsic, memory leaks, CODEREP:Set_dtyp_const_val(dt,v), superfluous region exit blocks, EBO mul operation, integer division simplification, volatile fields, removing obsolete KEY preprocessor and PURPLE feature, WOPT seg fault in CFG phase and more also included.

For merge [8], still need to confirm that default(shared) works correctly on task constructs.

For merge [5], commit 3590 addresses the issue encountered in targ_const.cxx during merge [2] (see note below). I re-enabled the assertion check. See the open64 commit log for more details. -- Deepak

For merge [2], I turned off some assertion checks in common/com/x8664/targ_const.cxx, because they were causing the bootstrapped library build to fail with --with-build-optimize=DEBUG. The same problem was observed for Open64 main trunk, as of revision r3576. --Deepak