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IRC client written with the Ncurses UI framework
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Swirc Logo

What is Swirc?

Swirc is a text-mode IRC client whose goals are to be portable, and to provide a secure & user-friendly experience to its users. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, and is a protocol for text communication in real time over the Internet.

The name Swirc is an assembly of the word Swift (or at your option: Swedish) and IRC.

Swirc is not mIRC. mIRC is an IRC client, like Swirc is. They both handles the IRC client protocol. Multiple different IRC clients exists, just like that there are multiple different web browsers. Chrome, Firefox, IE to name a few. Google "server and client". By clarifying this I hope less confusion will occur.


I have no plans to add support for writing extensions in a scripting language.

Program options


-c <server[:port]>    Auto-connect to given server
-n <nickname>         Online nickname
-u <username>         User identity
-r <rl name>          Specifies the real name
-p                    Server password (for private servers)
-h <hostname>         Use this hostname on connect
-x <config>           Explicit config file


-v, -version          View the current client ver
-?, -help             Print the usage


To clone the repository use Git.

$ git clone



Swirc currently depends on:

Which means that on for example a Debian GNU/Linux system you need to install 3 packages before building:

# apt install libcurl4-openssl-dev libncursesw5-dev libssl-dev

And on Mac OS X, provided that Homebrew is installed, issue:

$ brew install libressl


# pkgin install ncursesw

Building for the UNIX environment

On the BSDs and GNU/Linux the configure script will per default generate make definitions that expects that the C compiler GCC is installed on your system. A make utility must also be present. Regarding Mac OS X I suggest that you install Xcode. Due to certain circumstances I no longer can confirm that building for OS X works.

$ cd /path/to/swirc
$ ./configure
$ make

Installing it (under /usr/local):

$ sudo make install

Building for Windows

To build Swirc for Windows you must have Visual Studio.

So, fire up the command prompt for Visual Studio where the needed tools (the compiler, etc.) are loaded into the environment. The regular command prompt won't work. Then:

> cd c:\path\to\swirc
> nmake -f


To make a distribution of Swirc use:

> nmake -f dist



$ make clean
$ nmake -f clean
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