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btwooton authored and VermillionAzure committed da8525f Apr 28, 2018
* Declare getter methods as const

* Finished mark_node() and implemented mark_call_frame()

* Added test case to ensure Closure marking functionality

* Added mark/sweep to main.cpp interpreter loop

* Added unit test for marking shaka::Vector


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Shaka Scheme

Shaka Scheme is currently a partially-compliant R7RS Scheme implementation written in classic object-oriented programming (OOP), modern C++ (meaning, C++11 and possibly up).

Its development is fueled by a small team of student developers at University of Hawai'i at Manoa.


The goal for Shaka Scheme is to create a clean implementation of R7RS-small Scheme using modern C++ and OOP design idioms and feature while keeping it readable for novice/intermediate C++ programmers.

However, we also strive to create a stand-alone distribution of Scheme that is relatively light and portable. Therefore, our design choices tend away from using larger libraries such as Boost within our implementation.

Tested Platforms

We develop Shaka Scheme across the following compilers:

  • Windows - MinGW-w64, MSYS GCC
  • Mac OS X - Clang
  • Linux - GCC

Current News

  • We are in the process of rewriting the system to support syntax-rules macros and call/cc.
  • We are also in the process of implementing the heap-based virtual machine and compiler pair as described in "Three Implementation Models for Scheme" (Dybvig).
  • We are also currently in the design phase for a Context C++ FFI object to allow the embedding of Shaka Scheme itself into C++ programs.


The official repository for the UH Manoa Transpiler Project's Scheme interpreter, Shaka Scheme.



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