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The Unity CyberCANOE Package allows you to set up Unity projects for the Innovator-class and Destiny-class CyberCANOE in the Laboratory for Advanced Visualizations and Applications at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. The Innovator-class CyberCANOE includes a flat tiled display wall with a stereoscopic resolution of 4080x1152, a 6-degree of freedom tracking system, and a surround sound speaker system.

The Destiny-class CyberCANOE provides a stereoscopic resolution of 17280x7680, 14x the resolution of Innovator, as well as significantly improved image quality due to its use of OLED displays rather than LCDs. The system is also driven by 8 PCs each with a GeForce 980 graphics card, effectively giving it 4X the graphics capacity of Innovator. The 8 PCs work together in a cluster rendering setup that allows the PCs to display the same scene in-sync with each other.

Version 1.13 requires Unity 5.6.

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