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F-PC - a Forth system optimized for IBM-PC, XT & AT machines running DOS

This repository holds an installation of the 1994 16Bit DOS Forth system F-PC by Tom Zimmer for conservation, reference and experimentation.

Inspect it

You can find introductory texts and the system executable F-PC.EXE in the directory fpc. The subdirectory fpc/src has the complete system source code including the F-PC meta compiler.

Run it

If you want to run F-PC on a modern computer you can do so by using a DOS emulator such as DOSBox or DOSEMU. If you use Docker you can run F-PC with the supplied shell script


that essentially uses DOSEMU inside Docker and launches F-PC on the fpc directory.

Download the original

You can download the original F-PC 3.6 archive from the Public Domain Forths page at the Forth Interest Group web site, F-PC related files from the Taygeta Forth Archive.

Feedback, enhancements and questions are welcome.

May the Forth be with you.

Ulrich Hoffmann

The original F-PC README

12/18/94 Release Notes FPC version 3.6000

What is F-PC you may ask. F-PC is a Forth system optimized for the IBM-PC, XT & AT machines. F-PC can use all of your machines memory for programs and data. F-PC uses stream (text) files for its source, and includes a built-in WordStar-like text editor with pull down menus. Many tools are provided to make writing programs with F-PC fun and efficient. A very good Laser printed users manual is available for a small additional cost from OFFETTE ENTERPRISES. F-PC is a public domain package.

FPC 3.6000 is the final update to fpc 3.50. The only significant changes are a minor bug fix in the software floating point package, and the removal of the one year version old check. This final version performs no out of date check.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A COUPLE OF MEGABYTES OF FREE SPACE ON YOUR HARD DISK, type the following command and follow the instructions:

    A:INSTALL <enter>       be sure to put disk #1 in drive A:

INSTALL will ask you where to install F-PC. A directory will then be created to hold the F-PC files. If this bothers you, read INSTALL.TXT.

Comments to: Tom Zimmer (408) 263-8859 home 292 Falcato Drive (408) 432-4643 work Milpitas, Ca. 95035


a Forth system optimized for IBM-PC, XT & AT machines running DOS



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