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a minimalistic Forth kernel that can bootstrap
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Bootstrapping Forth


preForth is a minimal non-interactive Forth kernel that can bootstrap itself and can be used as an easy-to-port basis for a full Forth implementation.

preForth feels like Forth - it's mainly a sublanguage of ANS-Forth - but is significantly reduced in its capabilities.

Features: minimal control structures, no immediate words, strings on stack, few primitives


  • Stack
  • Returnstack
  • Only ?exit and recursion as control structures
  • :-definitions
  • optional tail call optimization
  • IO via KEY/EMIT
  • signed single cell decimal numbers (0-9)+
  • character constants via 'c'-notation
  • output single cell decimal numbers


  • no immediate words, i.e.
  • no control structures IF ELSE THEN BEGIN WHILE REPEAT UNTIL
  • no defining words
  • no DOES>
  • no memory @ ! CMOVE ALLOT ,
  • no pictured numeric output
  • no input stream
  • no state
  • no base
  • no dictionary, no EXECUTE, not EVALUATE
  • no CATCH and THROW
  • no error handling


Just 13 primitives: emit key dup swap drop 0< ?exit >r r> - nest unnest lit


simpleForth is an extension to preForth built using preForth. It is still non-interactive but adds

  • definitions with and without headers in generated code
  • memory: @ ! c@ c! allot c, ,
  • variable, constants
  • ['] execute
  • immediate definitions


Forth is a simple interactive Forth system built using simpleForth. Forth is open ended and has a yet incomplete set of features. Work in progress.

How to use:

An i386-Backend (32Bit) indirect threaded code implementation based on FASM is pre-configured. PreForth initially bootstraps on with gforth or swiftForth. You'll need one of these for the first bootstrap.

cd preForth

This will successively compile preForth, simpleForth, then Forth.

If successful issue

$ ./Forth

Forth 1.2.0

last * warm cold empty patch minor major banner quit restart REPEAT WHILE AGAIN 
UNTIL BEGIN THEN ELSE IF ; : constant variable header cmove compile, , allot here 
dp +! clearstack interpret parse-name \ .( ( parse (interpreters ?word (compilers ,word 
immediate !flags @flags or and #immediate ] [ interpreters compilers handlers ,'x' ?'x' 
,# ?# scan skip source /string >in query #tib tib accept min words .name l>interp l>name 
l>flags type count cell+ cells find-name .s prefix? compare 2dup 2drop rot off on ?dup + 
space bl cr . u. negate > 1- nip = 0= pick 1+ < over depth execute c! ! c@ @ ?branch 
branch lit exit unnest - r> >r ?exit 0< drop swap dup key emit bye 

Inspect sources and generated files.

Have fun. May the Forth be with you.

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