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Tesla Prometheus Exporter

Export Tesla vehicle metrics to Prometheus.

Getting started

To get started, generate the OAuth 2.0 credentials. Container images are pushed to the GitHub container registry, and tagged by release version. See the latest release.

The OAuth 2.0 config and token must be provided, which can be configured with --oauth2-config-path and --oauth-token-path.

docker run \
  -v "$(pwd)/oauth2_config.json":/etc/secret/oauth2_config.json \
  -v "$(pwd)/oauth2_token.json":/etc/secret/oauth2_token.json \ \
  --oauth2-config-path=/etc/secret/oauth2_config.json \

Generate credentials

Clone uhthomas/tesla and login with the cmd/login tool.

git clone
cd "$(basename \"$_\")"
bazel run //cmd/login -- --passcode=123456

The tool will ask for a password and print the JSON encoded oauth2 config and oauth2 token upon successful authentication. Save the oauth2 config and token to new files named oauth_config.json and oauth2_token.json respectively.


All metrics are labelled using the car's VIN. These are currently non-exhaustive, as many more are planned to be added.

Metric API reference
tesla_vehicle_info id, vehicle_id
tesla_vehicle_name display_name
tesla_vehicle_state state
tesla_vehicle_software_version vehicle_state.car_version
tesla_vehicle_odometer_miles_total vehicle_state.odometer
tesla_vehicle_inside_temp_celsius climate_state.inside_temp
tesla_vehicle_outside_temp_celsius climate_state.outside_temp
tesla_vehicle_battery_ratio charge_state.battery_level
tesla_vehicle_battery_usable_ratio charge_state.usable_battery_level
tesla_vehicle_battery_ideal_miles charge_state.battery_range
tesla_vehicle_battery_estimated_miles charge_state.est_battery_range
tesla_vehicle_charge_volts charge_state.charger_voltage
tesla_vehicle_charge_amps charge_state.charger_actual_current
tesla_vehicle_charge_amps_available charge_state.charger_pilot_current


The metrics collected by Prometheus can be visualized through Grafana, and can look something like the following.